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About Intellectual Property Management (IPM)

Northrop Grumman is a leading global security company providing innovative systems, products and solutions in unmanned systems, cybersecurity, C4ISR, and logistics and modernization to government and commercial customers worldwide.

Northrop Grumman leadership is built on technology innovation and in our course of business we generate world-class intellectual property. Our success draws on the rich heritage of high tech companies comprising Northrop Grumman, including Westinghouse, Litton Industries, Logicon, and TRW Space & Mission Systems.

Many lives have been touched by the technologies developed for space exploration and national defense by Northrop Grumman and other government contractors. For example:

  • Digital signal-processing techniques, originally developed to computer-enhance pictures of the moon for the Apollo program, are at the core of computer-aided tomography – CAT scans – and Magnetic Resonance Imaging – MRIs – both now used in hospitals worldwide;
  • Kidney dialysis machines were the result of a NASA-developed chemical process that could remove toxic waste from used dialysis fluid; and
  • Portable, self-contained power tools were originally developed to help Apollo astronauts drill for moon samples. Back on Earth, this technology has led to the development of cordless power tools and appliances.

Keeping with this rich tradition, our intellectual property licensing program promotes the commercial use of our technologies. If you are interested in licensing a particular technology from Northrop Grumman, please contact us. For a look at some of our technology available for licensing, including patents, software, and trademarks, please click on Intellectual Property Licensing.