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Jul 23, 2020

The Heartbeat of Innovation

New innovative products breed new innovative production processes. Nowhere is that more prevalent than at Northrop Grumman. Designing, developing and manufacturing unique aircraft is in the company’s DNA. Therefore, it was only natural for Northrop...
Categories: Space, OmegA
Jul 07, 2020

Testing for Success

Space radiation scorches circuits, eats electronics and tortures terabytes. It is the single greatest threat to systems that operate in or travel through space. But does a rocket that will operate in a radiation-filled environment for no more than 12...
Categories: Space, OmegA, Rocket
Jun 25, 2020

The Rocket Fired by Scrum

In May 2019, the OmegATM first stage fired in Northrop Grumman’s northern Utah test area, fulfilling a 2016 commitment made by the company to test a stage of its OmegA rocket by spring 2019. As soon as that test was completed, the next test—firing an...
Categories: Space, OmegA, Rocket
Showing 110 of 12 Items

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