HONOLULU, Nov. 3, 2009 -- Speaking at the 24th Annual Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) Conference and Exposition, co-hosted by the National Contract Management Association, Northrop Grumman Corporation's (NYSE:NOC) J.B. "Gib" Godwin III, vice president for cybersecurity and systems integration for the company's Information Systems Sector, called early integration of cybersecurity critical to the acquisition process.

In his presentation, Godwin described a threat that is "bigger, faster and smarter" and an acquisition process that is "none of the above" -- and emphasized the need for increased vigilance, greater partnership and a new way of acquiring solutions to combat the persistent danger.

"A constant assault calls for constant vigilance and we need to have systems and personnel who are on guard every second of every minute of every day," said Godwin. "The cyberthreat is real and it's now, and we are finally embarking on a national conversation about how to address it."

Godwin cited examples of how the cybersecurity has been an issue for a generation, but has been increasing exponentially in the last several years. He pointed out that as America faces off against "the largest standing army in history" -- consisting of an ever-growing and evolving array of "teens, thieves, terrorists and territorial nations" -- project budgets continue to be fixed and flexibility in the acquisition process limited.

"We need to be thinking about the bigger, always changing and ever-smarter nature of cybersecurity, not just when we're negotiating and writing contracts, but even before, when we're designing projects," said Godwin. Calling for a focus on demonstrated capabilities, flexibility and training, he added, "One thing we can do is ensure that the training takes a comprehensive and continuous approach with a progression from novice to expert and a provision for ongoing updating to stay up with the threat."

Godwin leads cybersecurity initiatives for defense-related businesses, supporting the company's full spectrum of cyber capabilities. In this role, he oversees a cross-sector collaboration effort designed to capitalize on the synergies of sector situational awareness, communication and mutual support. Godwin has extensive acquisition experience including over 15 years in the Naval Air Systems Command and Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command as a rear admiral.

Northrop Grumman -- the face of cybersecurity -- is an industry leader in all aspects of computer network operations and cyber security. Northrop Grumman is offering customers innovative solutions to help secure the nation's cyber future.

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