BALTIMORE, Sept. 23, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) has selected Aerosystems International, Ltd. and QinetiQ, Ltd. as core U.K. partners in its team for Project Helix, an upgrade to the Nimrod R1 aircraft electronic reconnaissance mission capabilities.

As prime integrator, Northrop Grumman's Electronic Systems sector leads one of three teams selected by the U.K. Ministry of Defence to focus on the program's "problem-understanding" phase. One of the company's European divisions is also partnering with the Electronic Systems sector.

The three teams will then be down-selected to two for the "program-definition" phase in 2005 and then to one team for the "risk-reduction" phase in 2006. This will be followed by a system demonstration and ultimately a production contract for the electronic reconnaissance equipment starting in 2007.

Aerosystems International, Ltd. will offer its human-factors integration expertise to the Northrop Grumman-led team, and provide integrated logistics support for the program.

QinetiQ, Ltd. is an industry leader in defense technology development for electronic reconnaissance and will provide integrated technology and operational assessment analysis for the team.

Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Europe Ltd will provide expertise in data links and communications to the programme, and will also offer operational assessment and analysis.

"With more than 40 percent of the current program executed from within the United Kingdom, the combination of capabilities from Aerosystems, QinetiQ and our European division ensures that our Northrop Grumman-led team truly understands the unique U.K. Ministry of Defence operational drivers for Helix," said Craig Johnson, vice president of Network Centric Systems at Northrop Grumman's Systems Development and Technology Division.

"This understanding improves our ability to provide the best of breed technologies at each critical stage, as well as to partner with the U.K. Ministry of Defence in developing the architecture required to achieve its strategic vision of a full network-enabled capability for future operations."

About Aerosystems International

Aerosystems International is a leading company in the analysis, design, development and delivery of complex, software intensive systems for the aerospace and defence sectors. It also develops cutting edge systems and smart technologies for various industrial applications. Aerosystems International (AeI) is based in the United Kingdom, with offices in the United States. With more than 400 personnel, its range of skills allows the company to provide cost-effective solutions.

About QinetiQ

QinetiQ (pronounced ki' ne tik as in 'kinetic') is one of Europe's largest science and technology solutions companies that employs nearly 10,000 staff, including many of the United Kingdom's leading scientists and internationally acclaimed experts. Founded from the laboratories of the U.K. Ministry of Defence, today QinetiQ operates in markets as diverse as marine, energy, telecommunications, automotive, rail, electronics, defence, space, health, oil and gas, aerospace and information technology. QinetiQ's facilities include indoor and outdoor ranges, wind tunnels, marine testing facilities, automotive test tracks and climatic testing laboratories.

About Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Europe Ltd, based in Southampton, England, tailors Northrop Grumman C4I, data-link and mission-planning products developed in the United States for use in the United Kingdom, by NATO and in other international markets. It's broad software development and integration experience allows the company to provide interoperability solutions to joint and coalition systems.

Northrop Grumman Corporation is a global defense company headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif. Northrop Grumman provides technologically advanced, innovative products, services and solutions in systems integration, defense electronics, information technology, advanced aircraft, shipbuilding and space technology. With 125,000 employees, and operations in all 50 states and 25 countries, Northrop Grumman serves U.S. and international military, government and commercial customers.

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