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ORBTRAC-100 System to Track and Manage Winter Maintenance Fleet

Orbital Sciences Corporation (NYSE: ORB) announced today that the Southeastern Michigan Snow and Ice Management (SEMSIM Partners) have selected the company's ORBTRAC-100 system to help track and manage a portion of its fleets of road maintenance vehicles. The company's automatic vehicle location (AVL) and data collection system will be installed on 290 snowplows, with phased installations of the SEMSIM Partners' entire 500-vehicle fleet over the next two to three years. A significant enhancement to be built into this project will be the ability to distribute data over the Internet through a browser-based system to the various road maintenance agencies that make up the SEMSIM partnership.

In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, SEMSIM Partners unites the four largest road maintenance agencies in Southeast Michigan to improve the snow clearance process in Wayne, Macomb and Oakland counties and in the city of Detroit. Other participants include the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) and the University of Michigan.

"The ORBTRAC-100 system will help us better coordinate snow removal activities, increasing the safety and mobility of our residents while reducing the overall costs of winter road maintenance in the Detroit metropolitan area," said Mr. Brent Bair, Managing Director of the Road Commission for Oakland County. "In addition, the transition to an Internet-based data distribution system will help us access and share information like never before."

The ORBTRAC-100 system was designed and developed by Orbital's Transportation Management Systems (TMS) Division, located in Columbia, Maryland. Using Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite technology, the system will track the location and status of road maintenance vehicles, dispatching snowplows to the most critical areas in need of service during major storms, as well as identifying sections of roadways that have already been serviced. Orbital's system will also capture and store data for post- service analysis to assist in reducing the overall cost of future operations.

Mr. David L. Mathisen, Vice President and General Manager of Orbital TMS, said, "This project serves as a national showcase for snow fighting operations. The application of Internet technology represents the culmination of Orbital's move to an Internet-based product for the fleet management market. This system will also significantly lower the cost barriers to our customers while enabling Orbital to open additional markets for our products and services."

Orbital TMS is the country's leading supplier of satellite-based AVL systems for the expanding Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market. Orbital's AVL systems are used by 55 transit and state agency customers in the U.S., with units installed or scheduled to be installed on approximately 23,000 vehicles. Since 1995, Orbital TMS has received over $250 million in new orders and today generates annual revenues of approximately $60 million. Employees number over 185 at its facility in Columbia, Maryland.

For more information about the ORBTRAC-100 system, contact Mr. Chris Body, National Sales Director at 443-259-7328 or log on to http://infozone.orbital.com/TMS/ .

Orbital develops and manufactures low-cost space systems, including satellites, launch vehicles and sensors and electronics systems. Orbital is also involved with satellite-based networks that provide wireless data communications and high-resolution Earth imagery to customers all around the world.

    More information about Orbital can be found at http://www.orbital.com .
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CONTACT:          Media: Barron Beneski, 703-406-5528, or
                  beneski.barron@orbital.com, or Investors: Tim Perrott, 703-406-5997, or
                  perrott.tim@orbital.com, both of Orbital Sciences Corporation