-- Former NASA Astronaut Joins Orbital's Advanced Programs Group at Company'sDulles, VA Headquarters --
DULLES, Va., Apr 07, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Orbital Sciences Corporation (NYSE:ORB) announced today that Mr. Carl E. Walz has joined the company as Vice President for Human Space Flight Operations in its Advanced Programs Group, based in Dulles, VA. Mr. Walz will be responsible for mission operations for Orbital's activities under the Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) research and development program with NASA, as well as for the Commercial Resupply Services (CRS) program missions that will utilize Orbital's system for resupplying the International Space Station (ISS) with vital cargo and life-sustaining supplies.

Prior to joining Orbital, Mr. Walz served at NASA's Washington, DC headquarters as Director for the Advanced Capabilities Division in the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate. In this role he was responsible for a broad range of activities that included human space flight research, space technology development, space nuclear power and propulsion, the Lunar Precursor Robotic Program, and NASA's physical and life science experiments on the ISS and Space Shuttle.

Before his assignment to NASA headquarters, Mr. Walz had a distinguished career as both a NASA astronaut and as an Air Force officer. Mr. Walz was selected as a NASA astronaut candidate in 1990 and for the next 12 years gained extensive space flight experience. Mr. Walz flew as a crew member aboard three Space Shuttle missions and served as an ISS crew member in a separate mission, enabling him to log a total of 231 days in space. His experience aboard the Space Shuttle includes serving as a mission specialist on STS-51 in 1993; as the Shuttle's flight engineer on STS-65 in 1994; and as a mission specialist on the STS-79 in 1996. During 2001-2002, he served 196 days in space as Expedition 4 flight engineer aboard the ISS. During the STS-51 mission, Mr. Walz deployed the U.S. Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS) and its Orbital-provided Transfer Orbit Stage (TOS) and conducted his first spacewalk. During Expedition 4, Mr. Walz and his U.S. and Russian colleagues performed flight tests of ISS hardware, conducted internal and external maintenance and outfitting tasks, operated the Space Station Robotic Manipulator System, and conducted numerous experiments in a variety of scientific disciplines. Mr. Walz also completed two spacewalks from the ISS totaling almost 12 hours in both Russian and U.S. spacesuits.

Mr. Walz's career in the U.S. Air Force included work as a nuclear scientist and as a flight test engineer with the F-16 Combined Test Force at Edwards Air Force Base (EAFB), CA. Mr. Walz is a graduate of the Air Force Test Pilot School. He retired from active duty as a Colonel in 2003.

Mr. Walz earned a B.S. degree in Physics from Kent State University in 1977 and a M.S. degree in Physics from John Carroll University in 1979.

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