BETHPAGE, N.Y. -- Sept. 5, 2003 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation's (NYSE: NOC) Integrated Systems sector will host the Long Island Technology Day at its Airborne Early Warning and Electronic Warfare headquarters on Sept. 8. The company has invited key leaders of Long Island's technology community to attend the summit to discuss how best to exploit and leverage the area's immense technological skills and capabilities to benefit the nation.

Underscoring the importance of Technology Day 2003, New York's Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will deliver the event's keynote speech. The company has also invited other federal, state and local elected officials to participate in the event. Local leaders from uniformed civilian services, members of the armed services, and representatives from media organizations are also expected to attend.

"We are honored to have Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as our keynote speaker for Technology Day," said Philip A. Teel, Integrated Systems' sector vice president for Airborne Early Warning and Electronic Systems. "She has been very supportive of New York-based defense and homeland security initiatives in her role on the Senate Armed Services Committee."

Northrop Grumman developed Technology Day 2003 to promote communication among companies, universities and associations that define Long Island's extensive technology infrastructure, and the state and federal elected officials who represent them. This communication promises to foster strategic partnerships and shared initiatives that will allow local companies to compete for national business opportunities that, as individual organizations, they might not effectively pursue.

Technology Day will include discussions on aerospace and defense; information technology; emerging technologies; and homeland security, each led by panels comprising key leaders of Long Island's technology community. The event will also feature full-scale models of the U.S. Air Force's Global Hawk unmanned aerial reconnaissance system and Northrop Grumman's X-47A Pegasus experimental unmanned combat air vehicle; an operational Fire Scout vertical takeoff and landing unmanned air vehicle; an EA-18G simulator and Hawkeye demonstration van; a technology tent and several homeland security vehicles.

In recognition of this year's 100th anniversary of the first powered flight, Technology Day will also feature two full-scale replicas of the Wright Flyer, three Wright simulators, a display on the history of flight and videos on 100 years of aviation. There will also be tours of Northrop Grumman's new Cyber Warfare Integration Network laboratory, which is used to develop, simulate and demonstrate new, integrated warfighting concepts.

"We look forward to collaborative discussions on the future of technology on Long Island in support of national defense and homeland security," said Robert W. Klein, Airborne Early Warning and Electronic Warfare Systems' vice president, Engineering, Logistics and Technology.

Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems, headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., is a premier aerospace and defense systems integration enterprise. As one of Northrop Grumman Corporation's seven sectors, it designs, develops, produces and supports network-enabled integrated systems and subsystems for U.S. government, civil and international customers. Integrated Systems delivers best-value solutions, products and services that support military and homeland security missions in the areas of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; battle management command and control; and integrated strike warfare.

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