CANBERRA, Australia – Nov. 13, 2014 – Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) launched its newest secure communications system (SCS) product at the Military Communications and Information Systems (MiLCIS) Conference in Canberra, today.

The SCS-400, the latest member of the company's SCS family of products, revolutionises mobile communications. Development of the system began when Northrop Grumman was contracted to deliver the SCS-400 as part of the Australian Army's Secure Communications Mobile Platforms – Land (SCMP-L) program. The SCS-400's small size and lightweight construction make it highly mobile, allowing for rapid establishment of secure communications to first responders.

Designed to support more than 150 deployed personnel with a self-healing, self-forming Internet Protocol (IP) meshed network, the SCS-400 utilises any available IP bearer to connect devices securely. It has also been ruggedised for hostile environments, allowing it to be deployed in a broad range of scenarios.

"Northrop Grumman is proud to be launching the SCS-400 today," said Ian Irving, chief executive for Northrop Grumman Australia. "This latest product, developed in Australia by Northrop Grumman's M5, unit, is a game changer for secure communications. We are pleased to deliver this indigenous capability to the Australian Army."

Unlike previous generation remote communications systems, the SCS-400 provides deployed personnel with secure connections to headquarters utilising commercially available connections, such as 3G/4G, satellite, BGan, Ethernet or WiFi. In addition to providing voice communications, an easy-to-use touchscreen interface allows users to operate secure email and other systems quickly and easily.

Features of the SCS-400

  • Supports up to 150 users per unit
  • Up to 30 times smaller than previous generations
  • Range of built-in cyber security measures
  • Optional VoIP PABX provided by Cisco's Call Manager Express™
  • Optional capacity to run applications such as email, file, WAN optimisation and databases on board via virtualisation running on inbuilt servers
  • Multiple, simultaneous connections between sites and back to base using inbuilt 4G, ADSL, High Speed Serial, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and external satellite
  • Modular design incorporating user-accessible expansion slots and internal PCI-e Mini cards allows for seamless integration of new technologies and system upgrades to suit a wide range of communication scenarios
  • Support packages are available from Northrop Grumman to suit various deployment requirements
  • The SCS-400 is an all in one:
    • Communications system – including data/ voice
    • Security platform
    • Storage device
    • Processing unit

The SCS Family

The Northrop Grumman SCS family ranges from the single-user SCS-100 through to the larger SCS-400, capable of supporting up to 150 users. The SCS- Network Management System (NMS) runs a monitoring system that connects all units. SCS devices automatically connect to each other without a gateway, providing secure communications over open networks.

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