SUFFOLK, Va., Dec. 23, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- During a ceremony at the Joint Warfighting Center (JWFC) in Suffolk, Va., last Friday, Northrop Grumman Corporation's (NYSE:NOC) Mission Systems sector delivered Joint Simulation System (JSIMS) software version 1.0 to the Joint Forces Command (JFCOM). Northrop Grumman is part of the multicontractor JSIMS development team.

A computer training tool, JSIMS is designed to interface with actual battle command computer and communication systems to enable warfighters from all branches of the military to rehearse missions and conduct exercises together in preparation for war and other contingencies. JSIMS development is part of an ongoing Department of Defense training transformation initiative.

"Completion and delivery of this initial software version is a crucial first step in the Department of Defense's training transformation to help combatant commanders prepare for future conflict," said Brig. Gen. Stephen Seay, JSIMS program manager and commanding general of Simulation, Instrumentation and Training Command, or STRICOM.

The initial capability of JSIMS version 1.0 will allow combatant commanders to train their joint task forces commanders, services, functional components and staffs with future versions providing enhanced functionality for joint training and for specific service Title 10 and agency training needs.

"Our team is now focused on working with our joint service users over the next few months to make this great product even better as the warfighter prepares to begin system validation testing next year," said Seay. Initial operational capability testing is currently scheduled for the Unified Endeavor 04-2 joint training exercise at the JWFC in September 2004.

JSIMS interfaces with the various U.S. military command, control, computers, communications and intelligence systems used by the military services to create a shared synthetic environment capable of replicating the behaviors and interactions of forces and agencies for any given scenario. Within this virtual arena, commanders will be able to conduct realistic joint war-gaming exercises for all phases and types of military operations, including those that would be economically and logistically impractical to conduct in the real world.

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