McLEAN, Va., Oct. 5, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) today announced that it has secured a new contract with the NATO C3 Agency (NC3A) to provide software support services for the Maritime Command and Control Information System (MCCIS) program.

Under the new contract, Northrop Grumman will support all aspects of the MCCIS software baseline, including NATO-developed and proprietary source code. Northrop Grumman will stabilize the MCCIS software, deliver on-site support, and deliver a system that can be supported for at least the next five years. In addition, participating member nations can utilize Northrop Grumman's value-added services for individual enhancements to meet national specific requirements.

"This decision by NATO demonstrates its confidence in the ability of our European team to deliver the stabilized MCCIS system in arguably one of the most critically important times for NATO and coalition interoperability," said Paul Davison, managing director and vice president of Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Europe, Ltd., a Northrop Grumman subsidiary.

The MCCIS uses satellites, wide area networks, computerized tactical data processors and machine-readable messages and is the tool of choice for NATO's maritime component commanders. It is integrated by NATO support staff and includes commercial-off-the-shelf products together with NATO-developed applications. It is installed in every NATO maritime headquarters.

"This contract is the continuation of two existing contracts and is a significant step ahead, since we are now combining the national and NATO budgets and requirements under one contracting vehicle so that both NATO and the individual nations can leverage cumulated volume discounts," said Amaury Aubree-Dauchez, NC3A principal project manager.

The MCCIS Stabilization program belongs to the Bi-Strategic Command Automated Information System (Bi-SC AIS) portfolio, one of the largest NATO common funded programs resulting from the Washington summit in June 1999 and re-enforced by the Prague summit in November 2002. It includes more than 100 projects funded by a dozen capability packages, implemented by several host nations and helps establish the foundation of the NATO Automated Information Services.

Since 1997, Northrop Grumman's UK-based operation has provided its Interoperable C4I Services (ICS) and related products to NATO as the core components of the MCCIS system, which is installed in all NATO maritime headquarters. Northrop Grumman also provides product licences under the "MCCIS for the Nations" contract to achieve a common interoperable system between NATO and participating NATO-member nations.

The NATO C3 Agency helps the alliance focus its common-funded programmes, together with nationally-funded initiatives, into a common coalition-based force. As NATO's designated C3 architect, NC3A works closely with national agencies and industry to ensure that the alliance gains maximum synergy from this process. The end goal is to deliver those viable forces that Allied Command Operations needs to execute the missions and tasks given to it by the North Atlantic Council.

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