Dr. Ronald D. Sugar, chairman and CEO of Northrop Grumman Corporation, serves as National Chairman of the Pearl Harbor Memorial Fund. On Thursday, December 7, 2006, he briefly spoke at the Pearl Harbor Day 65th Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony. Below are his remarks.

A Nation Remembers

Over the course of many decades, this day, December 7th, has become a day of reflection and remembrance for our nation. It was a day when serenity turned to chaos for those Americans stationed here, and chaos turned to peril for our country.

The veterans of that day so long ago became living icons for the qualities that brought us victory in the maelstrom that ensued: Qualities such as duty, sacrifice, faith and responsibility.

As they did the hard work of defending a nation and redeeming a world, an entire generation of Americans would emulate those qualities displayed so magnificently here, sixty-five years ago today.

Gratitude for you, the veterans of December seventh, is an obligation our nation will never outgrow. On behalf of Northrop Grumman, and as the Chairman of the Pearl Harbor Memorial Fund, I’m proud to be here.

And the 120,000 employees of Northrop Grumman are proud of their company’s work to make the new visitor center a reality. Its purpose will be to remember the events of that pivotal day, and to honor you, and those of your comrades no longer with us, who sacrificed so much for America and its future.

You and those who followed you into uniform never shrank from the challenges that faced you, nor complained about the sacrifices demanded of you. Every person who loves their freedom, no matter how old or how young, owes you their thanks.

And so, we of Northrop Grumman offer our thanks to you. And we all look forward to the opening of the visitor center that your contributions to victory and to peace so richly deserve.