Good morning, everyone. I'm Mark Root, the corporate director of media relations. I work for Randy Belote, who regretfully couldn't be here this morning.

Thank you for joining us today. This is another in our ongoing series of our capabilities briefings—what we call our pillar briefings—around our four pillars, our four core capabilities—cyber, C4ISR, unmanned, and of course today, logistics and modernization.

We have decades of experience in designing, developing and producing and supporting a wide range of military platforms and systems and capability that operate in space, in air, and land, surface, subsurface environments.

We continue to invest and focus on providing technical capability to affordably meet our customers' requirements. And we employ innovation to develop technology and capabilities, both in the design of our products and in the sustainment and modernization of these products. And I think today you'll see some good examples of that from our two speakers.

We fully support our products and services globally, which we'll also talk about today. We work shoulder to shoulder with our customers. Many of our employees are co-located with our customers in other countries, and they often operate on customer locations.

Our deep technical capability, our focus on affordability and innovation, our long history of successfully supporting our products and services we believe make us uniquely qualified to provide the types of logistics and modernization that our customers need in this budget-constrained environment.

We leverage our technical excellence and sustainment experience to deliver excellent logistics and modernization, both for our products and services, as well as for other systems and capabilities that our customers own and operate. In fact, in the previous press briefings we had on logistics, I think we talked about sustainment and modernization of Northrop Grumman systems and platforms, particularly in aviation. Today we're going to shift emphasis a little bit and we'll discuss sustainment and modernization of land forces systems, both ground and air, not originally built by Northrop Grumman.

We have two of our senior leaders that are going to talk about logistics here. Greg Schmidt is our vice president and general manager for our Mission Solutions and Readiness division in our Technical Services sector; and Jeff Palombo, vice president and general manager, Land and Self Protection Systems division, Electronics Systems sector.

If you need any clarifications during the briefing, feel free to ask any questions. Otherwise, we should have time at the end for additional questions.