As you've heard from our presenters today, logistics is an important focus area for all of Northrop Grumman. We look at this in a lifecycle manner. We look at it starting with basic design and development, trying to design high amounts of reliability, maintainability, and readiness into our products. We remain focused as these products are developed, tested and produced, then as they're deployed. And, we apply the same level of expertise and technical excellence for sustainment, then eventual modernization.

We apply all of that to both our own products and those products not designed or developed by Northrop Grumman, where we think we can add value. And, given the large amount of equipment that exists in the world, given the environment that this equipment will be used in, and given the requirements of our customers, we feel this is going to be a good business for us today and for the future, to be able to leverage the technical expertise Northrop Grumman has, to provide logistics, sustainment and modernization solutions.