I’d like to thank you for joining us today in another of an ongoing series of media briefings we’re holding here focusing on our core capabilities, or what we call our pillar areas.

They are Unmanned, Cyber, C4ISR, and Logistics and Modernization. Today’s briefing on Global Logistics will detail how Northrop Grumman is leveraging its more than 80 years of expertise in logistics to improve mission execution and overall effectiveness for our customers.

Today, 70% of the cost of a military system is in sustaining and modernizing that product over its entire lifecycle. While 30% is in its research, development and production. The robust Global Logistics marketplace provides tremendous opportunities to companies to deliver value and top performance for their customers. And that’s exactly what Northrop Grumman is focusing on and is well positioned for.

Today you’re going to hear from four of our senior leaders about the state of Global Logistics and the aerospace and defense industry, and the value of applying innovation to the total lifecycle of systems for military and other government customers. And they will also discuss how innovation meets the demand for greater affordability over the total lifecycle of those systems.

Our speakers include Steve Hogan, Sector Vice President and General Manager Integrated Logistics and Modernization Division of our Technical Services Sector; JP Batache, Director Information Technology, Global Logistics and Operational Support from our Enterprise Shared Services Organization; Joe Taylor, Vice President Combat and Mission Systems, Defense Systems Division, Information System Sector and, lastly, we have Jim Zortman, Sector Vice President, Global Logistics and Operational Support of our Aerospace Systems Sector.