Earlier this month, more than 400 girls from 60 schools throughout northern Utah got up early on a Saturday morning to learn about how fun careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) can be at Orbital ATK’s 16th annual Expanding Your Horizons conference.

The students, from grades six through nine, attended the conference at North Davis Junior High in Clearfield, Utah. The school’s auditorium and classrooms were filled with sounds of excitement and laughter as these young women shared stories, explored new fields of study and connected with professional women currently in STEM careers.  

Every year, Orbital ATK sponsors this conference that is designed to excite girls about science and math and to encourage more young women to pursue careers in STEM-related fields where female participation is traditionally low.

At the conference, girls attended three workshops selected from 26 different choices. Workshops were taught by women in math, science and technical professions and spanned a variety of fun, hands-on activities including learning what it takes to be a doctor, rocket scientist, chemist, engineer, and computer programmer.

“EYH lets girls see and experience new things they’ve never done before,” says Chris Fischer, product manager over motor support at Orbital ATK and this year’s chairperson. “They have opportunities for learning about careers that they might not have ever known about any other way.”

Ryland Searle, a 6th grader at Spanish Oaks Elementary, attending EYH for the first time said, “EYH has been really fun because I’ve been able to meet a lot of new people from different schools. And it’s been fun to do some really cool activities and to learn about how fun math and science really can be.”

Interest in EYH continues to increase with a majority of attendees returning every year they are eligible. More than 6,000 girls have attended the conference over the past 16 years. The conference is a part of the Expanding Your Horizons Network, a national organization whose charge is to spark the interest of young women to pursue careers in math and science fields. The goals of the Expanding Your Horizons program is to promote how math and science can be fun, to provide opportunities for young women to meet and learn about careers from women working in math and science related fields, and to encourage young women to take full advantage of opportunities to gain the maximum amount of education in math and science before graduating from high school.

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Over 400 enthusiastic young girls in grades 6-9 attended Orbital ATK sponsored EYH on Saturday, November 5.


EYH attendees prepare to launch a hand-made rocket.


The girls became chemists for a day when they were given the opportunity to experiment with different ingredients to make cosmetics and bath balm.


The girls had fun making new friends, and learning about math and science.