Brian Duffy, Vice President of Johnson Space Center Exploration Programs for the company’s Propulsion Systems Division, received the honor of being inducted into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame on Saturday, May 14.

Orbital ATK's Brian Duffy next to his Astronaut Hall of Fame plaque after the induction ceremony.

“Brian Duffy was an excellent astronaut,” said Charlie Precourt, previous Astronaut Hall of Fame inductee and Vice President and General Manager of Orbital ATK’s Propulsion Systems Division. “Now he continues to contribute to the progress of human space flight as a leader at Orbital ATK supporting NASA’s Space Launch System and Orion programs.”

Kent Rominger, previous Astronaut Hall of Fame inductee and Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for Orbital ATK’s Propulsion Systems Division, added his congratulations: “Brian was a great role model in the astronaut office and was known for his strong leadership-by-example style. His flying skills, both as an astronaut and fighter pilot, were legendary—the rest of us tried to emulate him.”

Brian Duffy with wife Jan at the inductino Gala on May 13.
Orbital ATK employees with Brian and Jan Duffy at the Induction Gala.
Duffy and Sen. Bill Nelson
Brian Duffy with Senator Bill Nelson.