On Tuesday, May 24, employees from the Dulles branch of Orbital ATK’s Emerging Professionals Investing in Careers (EPIC) program volunteered their time to support a local Family Science Night. The Children’s Science Center, based in Fairfax, Virginia, sponsored the program at Dogwood Elementary school in Reston. For two hours, elementary school students learned about basic scientific principles by engaging in several educational, interactive and hands-on activities designed to inspire early STEM education.

A child watches as his aircraft is tested in the wind tunnel at the Aeronautical Engineer: Exploring Bernoulli’s Principle station


A child examines his fingerprints at the Fingerprint Analysis: Forensic Science station
A young girl tests out gravitational potential energy at the Losing Your Marbles: Energy Change station
Members of Orbital ATK’s EPIC program after the event

The Children’s Science Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing early STEM education to children in Northern Virginia. The organization now has a permanent interactive exploration center in Fairfax, Virginia, that incorporates traditional museum exhibits with cutting edge discovery experiences. Learn more here.

Orbital ATK’s EPIC program is designed to foster camaraderie among younger employees, with goals to create and maintain a culture where innovation is encouraged and rewarded, where individuals can make a difference, and where opportunity is limitless. With organized activities ranging from career development initiatives, community outreach and education events, to social and networking activities, EPIC is established across Orbital ATK, fostering community throughout the enterprise.