When it comes to safeguarding our national and economic security in today’s digital world, cybersecurity is essential. But a growing demand for talent in this field has revealed a huge shortage of skilled workers and qualified students.

On May 18, 2017, Northrop Grumman and the Business Higher Education Forum ( BHEF ) joined with The Atlantic Magazine to sponsor a discussion titled, Defending the Web: A Forum on Cybersecurity and the Workforce.

In this two-hour discussion, stakeholders in higher education, business, and government joined to explore the cybersecurity jobs pipeline and the future of the industry.

Kathy Warden , corporate vice president and president, Northrop Grumman Mission Systems, shared her perspective on the importance of building a diverse, highly skilled cybersecurity workforce during a one-on-one conversation with BHEF CEO, Brian Fitzgerald.

Click here to view the entire discussion, which included one-on-ones with members from Capitol Hill, a university-led panel discussion titled Teaching Cybersecurity, and an industry-led panel titled the Cyber Jobs Pipeline.  The event was also a platform to release two reports by BHEF about creating solutions to the cybersecurity talent gap: