Located approximately 100 miles west of Huntsville, Alabama in Iuka, Mississippi, Orbital ATK’s Large Composite Structures Center Of Excellence (LSCOE) manufactures large composite aerospace structures for the United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V and Delta IV launch vehicles. The large composite structures measure four to five meters (13-16.5 feet) in diameter, range from one to 19 meters (3-63 feet) in length and are manufactured using advanced hand layup, machining and inspection techniques.

On February 16, 2016, the Orbital ATK Iuka facility accomplished a safety feat achieved by few companies or manufacturing facilities in any industry. The facility achieved eight years with no lost-time safety incidents dating back to February 2008. The safety milestone is a direct result of Iuka’s employees' ongoing commitment to safe operations and adherence to safety practices and procedures.

On Wednesday, April 20, LSCOE also produced its 500th large composite rocket structure for ULA launch vehicles. Since its establishment in 1998, the LSCOE plant has produced 68 Atlas V, 28 Delta II and 404 Delta IV large composite structures across 106 ULA launches. The 500th structure is a zero-defect boat tail for a ULA Atlas V launch vehicle scheduled to launch a National Reconnaissance Office payload in the spring of 2017.

With a very proud and loyal workforce, Orbital ATK’s Iuka, Mississippi, operations continues a long standing dedication to meet all of its customers’ quality and delivery commitments while demonstrating an unwavering obligation to safe operations, practices and procedures.

The Iuka facility produces large composite structures for Delta II, Delta IV and Atlas V rockets.


The 500th part delivered by our Iuka facility was this Atlas V boat tail which will be used in a 2017 launch.